Stella Maris is a magnificent specimen of the Moody 33 Classic MKII.

Designed by Angus Primrose and built by Marine Projects Ltd., was first introduced in 1973. It was the first project of Moody specifically intended to be mass produced and quickly became very popular.

The Moody 33 has gone through some changes and remained in production until late 1983.

Moody 33 presents an outstanding interior space, comprising a chamber with a large folding table which opens over the entire width of the room, aport a cooking and a navigation table at starboard. In the bow there’s a cabin with double bed and full bathroom with hot and cold pressurized water.

At the center of the boat’s cockpit there is the rudder, the navigation instruments and the equipment for the control of the canopy. Laterally, under the seats, there are two large storage places. Easy access to the engine from a hatch in the ground and the hatch edges of the fore and aft compartments.

Aft there is another compartment, spacious and comfortable, with twin beds and a mobile sink.


Key features
Length 10.0 m
Length at waterline 8.6 m
Width 3.4 m
Draft 1.3 m
Weight 4765 kg
Water tank 180 liters
Fuel tank 155 liters
Engine Thornycroft 90, 35 HP Diesel
Year 1979
Capacity 10 people



This is a magnificent, elegant and comfortably classic ValkVlet 12.30, produced entirely at Valk Yachts shipyards.

In 1964, Valk Yachts introduced ValkVlet, based on its own design and in collaboration with Th. Gillissen. Among captains, it received the reputation of "Rolls Royce" among Dutch cruise boats.

Based on this success, in the following decades, the company built several models, ranging in length from 8.50 to 14.30 meters.

With beautiful teak wood finishes inside, Unbelievable features two double cabins, a kitchen with dining area and a large living room, with a steering point and a glazed set that allows 360º visibility.

The exterior, in teak, features ample space at the bow and a raised, stern-protected area that accommodates a second steering position.

This boat is ideal for quiet and elegant short- or multi-day tours, for groups from two to twelve people.


Key features
Length 12.30 m
Length at waterline 11.80 m
Width 3.85 m
Draft 1.15 m
Weight 18000 kg
Water tank 1000 liters
Fuel tank 1000 liters
Engine Mercedes OM352 127 HP Diesel
Year 1990
Capacity 14 people



This classic wooden boat, "James Bond" style, indicated for tours of great charm and refinement on the Douro River.

This mid-century boat has recently been completely restored and allows for faster and longer distances than our sailboats.


Key features
Length 5.27 m
Width 2.20 m
Draft 0.4 m
Weight 540 kg
Fuel tank 53 lts + 10 liters
Engine Honda 50 HP, 4T, Gasoline
Capacity 9 people