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It is a magnificent and elegant ValkVlet 12.30, produced entirely at Valk Yachts shipyards.

In 1964, Valk Yachts, introduced the ValkVlet based on its own design and in collaboration with Th. Gillissen. Among captains, it received the reputation of “Rolls Royce” among Dutch cruise boats.

Based on this success, in the decades that followed, the company built several models, ranging in length from 8.50 to 14.30 meters.

With beautiful mahogany and cherry wood finishes inside, the Unbelievable has two double cabins, a kitchen with a dining room and a large room, with a command point and a glazed set that allows 360º visibility.

The exterior, all in teak, has ample space at the bow and an elevated and protected area at the stern, which accommodates a second command post.

This vessel is ideal for quiet and elegant tours, for groups of two to twelve people, of short duration or of several days.

Perguntas Frequentes

Is there a toilet on board?

Yes. We have a clean and comfortable bathroom for your convenience.

Do you serve drinks or food on board?

A glass of Port Wine is served to all customers. Bottled water also available.

We can serve our snacks package, at € 30 per person, as long as you order in advance.

Can I take drinks and food on board?

Of course. We have plates, glasses, openers and corkscrews for you.

Can I buy wine on board?

Yes. We have wine from our own production, white or red, at € 15 a bottle.

Can I take my pet on board?